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Key Sponsors
  • Zhejiang Communications Investment Group
    Zhejiang Communications Investment Group, founded in 2001, is a provincial state-owned infrastructure investment company majors in provincial and municipal infrastructure investment, including construction and operation of expressway, railway, and multi-use transportation hub. The group has four listed companies: Zhejiang Expressway (00576.HK); Zheshang Development (000906.SZ; Zhejiang Communications Technology (002061.SZ); and, Zheshang Securities (601878.SH).
  • Hang Industrial Asset Management (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
    Hang Industrial Asset Management (HIAM) is a subsidiary investment company under Hangzhou Industrial Investment Group (HIIG). HIIG is a state-owned conglomerate company in the 2018 ‘Top 500 China Enterprises’ list, with total assets of RMB 51.6 billion and more than 60 subsidiaries and associate companies. HIAM manages a total AUM of RMB 2.5 billion and mainly invest through fund-of-fund (FOF) and private equity in sectors like advanced manufacturing/industrials, internet, healthcare, basic material, renewable energy, business service, and industrial parks.  
  • Zhejiang Provincial Financial Holdings
    Zhejiang Provincial Financial Holdings, founded in September 2012, is a state-owned investment company with a registered capital of RMB 12 billion. It is a major Zhejiang-based state-owned FOF.
  • Hangzhou Heda Financial Services Co., Ltd.
    Heda Financial Services (Heda), established in September 2015, is a state-owned investment company under Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area Asset Management Group. Heda currently manages its infrastructure private equity fund, industrial private equity fund, FOF and biotech healthcare private equity fund. 

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